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November 14th

The official soundtrack to The Invisible Hours is now available! It can be purchased directly from Sumthing Else Music Works, iTunes, and Amazon. All tracks performed by Cinema Scoring and recorded at The Bridge Recording.

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October 18th

Season 2 of Freakish is now streaming on Hulu! Cris Velasco returns again as the sole composer this season, delivering an exciting and frightening score on all 10 episodes.

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May 12th

Cris will be teaching a master class this summer in Baden, Austria on "composing for video games"! This is a three day session from July 12-14 through the Hollywood Music Workshop. Registration is still available at the link below.

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November 17th

Overwatch wins "Best Score: Video Game" at the Hollwood Music in Media Awards!

October 15th

Cris contributed the soundscape to Chet Zar's latest solo art show, "Dy5topia". The art and soundtrack are featured at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica. Cris and Chet are working together now on a limited edition art/music collaboration. Check back soon for details!

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October 15th

Cris has written the music for the new Battleborn DLC, "Attikus and the Thrall Rebelion"! Available now.

October 4th

Cris Velasco has recently completed scoring the first season of "Freakish", an original tv show for Hulu! The show premieres on October 10. More news + music coming soon!

August 1st

Cris Velasco and Clive Barker join forces again for The Books of Blood! Click this box to read the full LA Times article.

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March 17th

Cris will be speaking at PAX East. The "Maestros of Video Games" panel will take place on April 12 at 12:30pm in the Condor Theatre.

February 26th

Company of Heroes 2 has just been nominated for a BSO Spirit Award!

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February 6th

The soundtrack for Company of Heroes 2 as been nominated as a finalist for a prestigious IFMCA Awards! Click this box to read more.

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January 16th

Film Score Monthly has named Company of Heroes 2 as part of their 'Best of 2013 Game Music' list!

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September 3rd

Cris will be premiering music from Company of Heroes 2, Warhammer: Space Marine, and God of War 3 at this year's Playfest in Spain

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July 13th

Cris will be signing copies of the Company of Heroes 2 soundtrack on Aug 3 at Dark Delicacies in Burbank. Signing starts at 2PM. See you there!

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April 10th

Cris has been officially announced as the composer for Company of Heroes 2!

April 5th

'Injustice: Gods Among Us' gets a soundtrack! The original score will be released April 16th. Click this box to read the press release.

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March 18th

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm is now available on iTunes. Cris contributed additional music to the game and soundtrack!

March 5th

Cris and Sascha provided all new music for Mass Effect 3: Citadel. Selected tracks from the score are now available to hear in the music section!

January 22nd

Mass Effect 3 is nominated for "Outstanding Achievement in Music Composition" at the 16th Annual D.I.C.E. Awards!

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December 5th

Mass Effect 3 has been nominated for "Best Overall Music" by IGN!

November 29th

Cris Velasco and Sascha Dikiciyan collaborate again to bring you the original music for Mass Effect 3: Omega! The biggest DLC to date, Omega takes you on a journey to reclaim the notorious black market station. The war for Omega has begun! Audio samples are available now in the Music section.

November 18th

The official soundtrack for ZombiU is now available on iTunes and Amazon! It includes 18 tracks composed by Cris Velasco and performed by Nicole Garcia and The Apocalypse Ensemble. Click this box to download from iTunes.

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October 8th

Cris will be writing the music for the new horror game ZombiU, available on the Wii!

September 19th

Cris will be speaking at the NY Comic Con on Oct 12 on the "Maestros of Horror and Sci-Fi Music" panel. More info is available at the official NYCC website.

September 18th

IGN interviews Cris and the team behind the borderlands soundtrack. Click this box to read the interview!

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August 6th

Cris Velasco and Sascha Dikiciyan provide the upcoming original music for Mass Effect 3: Leviathan! The new, story driven DLC explores the origins of the Reapers and provides the perfect canvas for a dark and powerful score. Coming later this summer there is no war, only the harvest...

June 27th

Cris and Sacsha have been announced as composers for Borderlands 2

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